Pear Sauce

A guest recipe from my mom!


Have you ever had fresh pears that get smashed on the way home from the grocery store and the next day look like this, all bruised and browned?  Or maybe you forgot they were ripening on your counter?


No need to throw them away!  Make pear sauce.  Very easy recipe and tastes great warm or cold.


Servings: about 1 serving per 1 pear

  • Very ripe pears, quantity does not matter, but allow at least one pear per serving


Just peel and core the pear. Cut into chunks. Place in saucepan and cook using medium-low heat.


Stir and smash chunks to desired consistency as it cooks.


Cook, stirring occasionally until it has thickened to an applesauce consistency.


Serve warm or cold with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg as desired.  Yum!


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